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The Revivalist Botanical Gins

The Revivalists want to welcome you to a new generation of American gin. Gin that respects the craft but defies tradition. Gin that tastes familiar, yet unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Gin that shakes things up wakes the senses and invites you to think again about the stuff your grandparents used to drink. Our award-winning expressions break the mold of dry, juniper-forward gins, cultivating a kaleidoscope of flavors over a blend of seasonal botanicals. Our philosophy is rooted in radical curiosity, bold experimentation, and love for one-of-a-kind experiences. Following the free spirits who once inhabited what we now call our “Hippie Barn Distillery,” we reject convention. And whether you’re new to the world of gin or a connoisseur, we want you to join us. So isn’t it time you rethink gin?

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