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The pleasure of the moment is fleeting.
Savor it.

Today, in a century-old stone barn affectionately called "The Hippie Barn" for its radical past, Revivalist Spirits master distillers handcraft The Revivalist Botanical Gin and Resurgent Whiskey. The portfolio of undoubtedly different, undeniably delicious spirits has garnered recognition on both local and international stages.

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The art of distilling has been practiced for centuries, from the Whiskeys of the Scottish Highlands to the Gin and Tonic favored by the army of the British East India Company in India during the 19th century. Crafting spirits started a​s a family affair. Over time modernity has made it possible to distill vast quantities of ardent spirits in factories worldwide. The result has been the loss of direct commune between the master distiller and his art.

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